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List of presentations

Monday, 16 April 2018                      (*) indicates session number


 10.00-12.00 :   (1) Modeling distress in flexible pavements                           


Modeling the relationships between pavement distress and performance 

Yu Qiao, Sikai Chen, Majed Alinizzi, Samuel Labi


Case study for overweight vehicle pavement damage associated costs
Dario Batioja-Alvarez, Seyed-Farzan Kazemi, Elie Y. Hajj, Adam J.T. Hand & Raj V. Siddharthan

Calibration of a Mechanistic-Empirical Fatigue Model under Different Moisture Conditions

E. Arias-Barrantes, J. Aguiar-Moya, L. Loría-Salazar & E. Camacho-Garita

Low Volume Road Damage – Load and Environmental Factors

D.J. Alabaster, T.F.P. Henning & G.K. Arnold

Effect of Moisture Infiltration on Flexible Pavement Performance Using the AASHTO Ware Pavement-ME
Syed W. Haider, M. Munum Masud


10.00-12.00 : (4) Measuring and modeling mixture performance - 1    


Laboratory Evaluation of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt

Ala Abbas, Munir Nazzal, Ayman Ali, Arjun Roy & Samer Dessouky


Characterisation of Air Voids in W-FAM Samples using X-Ray CT Imaging

Mohammed Sadeq, Eyad Masad, Hussain Al-Khalid & Okan Sirin 


Characterizing The Behavior of Warm Mix Asphalt Using A Visco-Elasto-Plastic Continuum Damage Model

H.A. Kassem & G.R. Chehab 


Effects of different loading conditions on fatigue properties of SMA

Biao Ding, Xiaolong Zou & Zixin Peng


Evaluation of Fracture-Healing Performance of Different Asphalt Mixtures

H.Z. Zhu, S.P. Fan & H. Wang


Laboratory evaluation of polymer-based mixes

Shahin Khoeini, Samer Dessouky, A. T. Papagiannakis, Lubinda Walubita & Ala Abbas


10.00-12.00 : (7) Measuring and modeling performance of asphalt binders


Evaluation of Degradation of Polymer due to Aging in Asphalt Binder Using a Novel and DSR-Based Extensional Deformation Test

Roksana Hossain, Waleed M. Omer and Nazimuddin M. Wasiuddin


Shear rate dependence on mixing and compaction temperatures

N. Saboo, P. Kumar, A. Gupta and R. Ranjeesh 


Development of PG for asphalt binders on Libyan desert road network

H. Awadat Salem & B. Matic 


Modeling of rubber swelling in bituminous binders

H. Wang, P. Apostolidis, X. Liu & A. Scarpas


Effects of using re-refined engine oil bottoms as an asphalt binder modifier

Walaa S. Mogawer & Alexander J. Austerman


Relation of Modified Bitumen Microstructure to Cracking Indicators

Ramez Hajj, Nazmus Sakib, Amit Bhasin, Adam Ramm & Michael Downe


13.30-15.30 : (2) Integrating material and structural response                            


The Effect of Asphalt Layer Stiffness Modulus Variation to Top-Down Cracking

A. Nikolaides & E. Manthos


Implementation of VECD Model in the Incremental-Recursive CalME Approach

M. A. Lanotte & M. E. Kutay


Stress State of Asphalt Layers in Hybrid Pavements

J. Patzak


Design and cost effectiveness of perpetual pavements

K. Loganathan, M. I. Souliman, Z. Chamoun & M. M. Isied


Performance modeling of a highly modified asphalt pavement

Robert Kluttz 


13.30-15.30 : (5) Measuring and modeling mixture performance - 2 


Frequency of fatigue tests and decay of modulus of asphalt concrete

Atul Narayan S. P., Rajneesh Gupta


Application Potential of Warm Mix Asphalt for Airport Pavements

N. Garg, H. Kazmee & L. Ricalde 


Asphalt Mixture Performance-Related Specifications

Y. Richard Kim 


Performance-based QC/QA procedure for HMA airport pavements: a case study

Y.S. Hamdar & G.R. Chehab


Accurate Prediction of Laboratory Permeability of Hot Mix Asphalt using Machine Learning Techniques

Nivedya M. K. & Rajib B. Mallick


13.30-15.30 : (8) Binders and emulsions: workability, adhesion and rheology


Using Surface Free Energy to Study Adhesion between Asphalt and FRP

T. Wang, M. Guo, L.B. Wang & D.W. Wang


Influence of dosage of warm mix additives on the rheological behavior of asphalt binders in the mixing and compaction temperature regime

K. Lakshmi Roja, P.S. Divya, N. Dhanya & J. Murali Krishnan


NanoFiber Modified Asphalt Emulsion Residues at High Temperatures

Feipeng Xiao, Ruoyu Li, Hongbin Huang, ZiXuan Chen


Research on the Adhesion Property of Asphalt-Ceramsite System

M. Zhang , Z. Qian, Y. Liu, D. Xia, Y. Zhou & R. Jing


Performance of Emulsion Residue Obtained from Oven Evaporation and MAB

Abhishek & Dharamveer Singh


15.45-17.25 : (3) Structural health assessment                            


Evaluation of Airfield Pavement Responses from HWD Deflections

H. Wang, M.Y. Li & R. Ji


Damage progression identification in asphalt concrete pavements: A smart self-powered sensing approach

H. Hasni, K. Chatti, N. Lajnef, K. Aono & S. Chakrabartty


Moving deflectometer devices to predict critical pavement responses 

Raj V. Siddharthan, Elie Y. Hajj & Mahdi Nasimifar 


Effect of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Installation on Pavement Responses

L. Al Khateeb,  T. Tang,   S.M.J.G. Erkens,   A. Scarpas,   K. Anupam,  C. Kasbergen


Study on integral processing of pavement vibration acceleration

G.N. Yan, Z.J. Ye, M. Guo & L.B. Wang


15.45-17.25 : (6) Computational modeling to understand mixture production and behavior    


Experimental and Numerical Investigation on RAP Mixtures at Low Temperature

Augusto Cannone Falchetto, Ki Hoon Moon, Di Wang, Chiara Riccardi, Byeong Soo Yoo & Michael P. Wistuba


Simulation of Asphalt Mixtures Made by Different Compaction Methods

P. Liu, H. Xu, D. Wang, C. Wang, C. Schulze & M. Oeser 


Cumulative distress curve estimation from micromechanical asphalt model

I.O. Onifade, Y. Dinegdae & B. Birgisson 


Effect of aggregate packing on open AC: micromechanical analysis

H. Zhang, K. Anupam, A. Scarpas & C. Kasbergen


Numerical Modeling of Aggregate Drying and Heating in a Rotary Dryer

Kun Zhang & Balasingam Muhunthan


15.45-17.25 : (9) Recycling in asphalt mixes


A Simple Approach for Modification of RAP Bitumen

Siddharth Purohit & Mahabir Panda


Investigation of Cracking Resistance of Recycled Superpave Mixtures

Y. Gao, S. Islam & M. Hossain


Optimal waste cooking oil dosage in blends containing aged binder

M. Orešković, G. Mladenović, S. Bressi & M. Losa


Case study on balancing mixtures with high recycled materials contents

E. Arámbula-Mercado, A. Epps Martin, and F. Kaseer


Recycling Efficiency Evaluation of Asphalt Plant

Y. Ding, B. Huang and X. Shu



Tuesday, 17 April 2018


 09.00-10.40 : (10) Modeling and measurement of noise and tire-pavement interaction

Evaluation of traffic noise in the State of Qatar

Md Ohiduzzaman, Okan Sirin & Emad Kassem


Determining the effect of damping layers in flexible pavements on traffic induced vibrations

Jiandong Huang, Massimo Losa & Pietro Leandri


Holistic simulation of tire-pavement-system: mechanics and uncertainty

M. Kaliske, I. Wollny, F. Hartung & M. Götz


Analysis of the tire pressure effect on flexible pavement's responses by means of FEM and APT instrumentation

D. Clark, P. Leiva, L.G. Loría & J.P. Aguiar


Impact of tire types and configurations on responses of a thin pavement structure

A.W. Ahmed, M.S. Rahman & S. Erlingsson


09.00-10.40 : (14) Variability in mixture and pavement design

Variability of HMA fracture energy when accounting ligament morphology

L.M. Espinosa, J. Wills, A. Rodríguez, S. Caro &A. Braham


Assessment of variations in asphalt pavement mechanical responses

A. Loizos, B. Cliatt, C. Plati & K. Gkyrtis


Reliability-based specification for high volume traffic asphalt pavements                       

Y. Dinegdae, I. Onifade & B. Birgisson


Probabilistic Modeling of Viscoelastic Behavior of Asphalt Concrete

H.A. Kassem, G.R. Chehab & S.S. Najjar


Applications of grid subdivision to estimate asphalt microstructure responses

D. Castillo & I.L. Al-Qadi


09.00-10.40 : (18) Rigid Pavements 1

Experimental Study on Novel Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Pavement Structures

F. Wellner, S. Leischner, K. Hunstock, S. Müller & V. Mechtcherine


Neural Network Algorithms for Rigid Airfield Pavements

A. Rezaei Tarahomi, O. Kaya, H. Ceylan, S. Kim & D. R. Brill


Performance-related approach for rigid pavement design                       

L. Eberhardsteiner, K. Foltin, K. Bayraktarova & R. Blab


Dynamic Backcalculation for Rigid Pavements Using Generalized Vlasov Model

A. Booshehrian, L. Khazanovich


Modeling and prediction of shrinkage cracking in repair systems   

A.S. Mansi, H.A. Abdulhameed & Y. YongA. Booshehrian, L. Khazanovich


10.55-12.35 : (11) Pavement roughness: measuring, modeling and implications - 1

Improving Pavement Friction through Aggregate Blending

M. Al Assi, E. Kassem, R.B.  Kogbara & E.A. Masad


Investigation of Dynamic Vehicle Loading due to Roughness of Pavement

K. Kavinmathi, S. P. Atul Narayan, J. Murali Krishnan & Shankar C. Subramanian


GripTester measurements and texture-friction relationship                       

R.B. Kogbara, E.A. Masad, K. Anupam & A. Scarpas


Effect of pavement structural response on rolling resistance and fuel economy using a mechanistic approach

D. Balzarini, I. Zaabar, K. Chatti


10.55-12.35 : (15) Mixes and binders with additives and industrial waste


Effect of fly ash and lime as mineral filler in asphalt concrete

U. Gazder, Md. Arifuzzaman, U. Uneb & A. A. Mamun


Induction healing of asphalt mixes with steel slag

P. Apostolidis, X. Liu, H. Wang, M.F.C. van de Ven & A. Scarpas


Sulphur Factory Waste Usability in Hot Mix Asphalt as Filler Material                       

S. Karahancer, E. Eriskin, K. Armagan, A. Cengizhan, M. Saltan & S. Terzi


Performance of asphalt mix with glass and glass-lime composite fillers

J. Choudhary, B. Kumar & A. Gupta


Bridging gaps between micro and mesoscale properties of Biochar mortar

R. N. Mrad & G. R. Chehab


10.55-12.35 : (19) Rigid Pavements 2


The Effect of the Surface Water on Bond Strength of Silicone Sealants

J. Kim, R. Bhardwaj and  D. Zollinger


The effect of the elastic modulus of concrete on rigid pavement design

M. Mrad, G. Saad & G. R. Chehab


Experimental and numerical assessment of the behavior of GRC overlays                       

Z. Al Basiouni Al Masri, R. Haj Chhade, A. Daou, & G. Chehab


Case Studies in Concrete Pavement Forensics (****Longer than typical)

Timothy J Martin


14.00-15.40 : (12) Pavement roughness: measuring, modeling and implications - 2


Evaluation of rolling resistance models for pavement surface texture effect

S. Rajaei, K. Chatti & I. Zaabar


Evaluation of fuel consumption models for pavement surface roughness effect

I. Zaabar, K. Chatti & N. Lajnef


Finite element studies of temperature effect on braking distance                       

T.Tang, K. Anupam, A. Scarpas, C. Kasbergen &E.A. Masad


FEM-VPT method for aircraft braking distance prediction on wet runway

Xingyi Zhu, Yang Yang, Shunjie Bai, Jian Yang


Evaluation of Low-Speed Pavement Skid Resistance-- Need for New Testing Method

S. Han, M. Liu, T. F. Fwa & L. Chu


14.00-15.40 : (16) Chemomechanics and Aging of Binders - 1

Asphalt Binder Model based on the Six-Fraction

X. Qu, D. Wang, M. Oeser, Y. Hou & L Wang


Nano scale aging characterization of carbon nanotube modified asphalt binders

A. A. Mamun, M. Arifuzzaman & R. Taha


Diffusion of Rejuvenator in RAP Binder Observed at Molecular Scale                       

H. Wang & G.J. Xu


Bulk Microstructures in Bitumen and its Influence on Rheology

Nazmus Sakib, Ramez Hajj, Amit Bhasin, Adam S. Ramm & Michael C. Downer


Epoxy modified bitumen: Chemical hardening and its interpretation

P. Apostolidis, G. Pipintakos, X. Liu, M. van de Ven, S. Erkens & A. Scarpas


14.00-15.40 : (20) Pavement Geotechnics 1

Use of non-destructive testing as quality control tool and input for analytical pavement design

D. Jansen, H. Zhang, N. Simmleit & P. Sivapatham


Flooding effect on granular road base material with clay subgrade

U. Kaini & C.T. Gnanendran


Applied Stress States in relation to Strength Controlling Unbound Aggregate Base Permanent Deformation Accumulation                       

B. Feng, I. Qamhia, E. Tutumluer & Y.H. Byun


Field Performances of Chemically Stabilized Quarry By-products Evaluated through Accelerated Pavement Testing

Issam Qamhia, Erol Tutumluer & Hasan Ozer



15.55-17.35 : (13) Developments in structural design of pavements

Local Calibration of AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Software for Flexible Pavements in Kansas

S. Islam, A. Sufian & M. Hossain


Experimental determination of interlayer shear bond stiffness using the Dresden dynamic shear tester

G. Canon Falla, B. Gerowski, S. Leischner, F. Wellner, D. Wang & M. Oeser


Sustainable Mitigation of Stormwater Runoff Through Fully Permeable Pavement                       

A. Ralla, S. Saadeh, J. Harvey & E. Mahmoud


Costa Rica´s Mechanical Empirical Design Software for Flexible Pavements, CRME

T. Ávila, J.P. Aguiar & L.G. Loría


Performance of Bitumen Stabilised Materials BSMs – Laboratory Technology Developments and Validation Projects in the Middle East

K.J. Jenkins, D.C. Collings & A.H. Greyling


15.55-17.35 : (17) Chemomechanics and Aging of Binders - 2

Ageing effect on the relaxation properties of bitumen

R. Jing, A. Varveri, X. Liu, A. Scarpas, S. Erkens


Effects of Short term aging on aggregate bitumen compatibility

V. Mishra & D. Singh


Investigation of moisture damage coupled with aging of asphalt binder                       

I. Menapace, W. Yiming & E. Masad


Proper timing in determining oxygen diffusion coefficients of AC mix                       

Yuhong Wang & Yong Wen


Field aging of asphalt binders in subtropical climate: A case study in Hong Kong

Z. Leng, F. Guo & Y. Zhang


15.55-17.35 : (21) Pavement Geotechnics 2

Thermodynamic stability of smectite treated with chemical stabilizer

Pavan Akula & Dallas N. Little


Bender Element Pairs to Effectively Quantify Local Stiffness Improvement due to Geogrid-aggregate Interlock

J. H. Kim, B. Feng, E. Tutumluer & Y. H. Byun


Modeling the Cracking Process of Porous Media due to Moisture Evaporation                       

Yilong Liu & Balasingam Muhunthan


Subgrade soil stabilization using ionic polymer variants

Chandramohan Ayyavu, Srinath R. Iyengar, Howard J. H. M. Hanley, Hassan S. Bazzi, Dallas Little



Wednesday, 18 April 2018


09.45-10.40 : (22) Innovations in pavement maintenance, analysis, and design

Nucleus Approach for Pavement Analysis under Superheavy Load

Mohamed Nimeri, Hadi Nabizadeh, Elie Y. Hajj, Raj V. Siddharthan & Sherif Elfass


Testing and Modeling Geotextiles as Reflective Cracking Attenuators

P. Leiva-Padilla, L.G. Loria-Salazar & J.P. Aguiar-Moya


Intelligent infrastructure and data science in support of road maintenance

W.J.vdM. Steyn


Thermal Analysis of Hydronic Asphalt Pavement Systems

S. A. Sari Ad Din, N. F. Saleh, A. A. Zalghout, G. R. Chehab


Pavement maintenance scheduling - A System dynamics approach 

Sakthivelan Ramachandran & Veeraragavan Amirthalingam




09.45-10.40 : (23) New asphalt mix paradigms

Self-healing properties of asphalt mixtures with embedded capsules

T. Al-Mansoori, A. Garcia, J. Norambuena-Contreras & I. Artamendi


Improving Thermal Properties of Asphalt Concretes

A.T. Papagiannakis, R. Kaphle & M. Khalili


Mechanical performance of cold mix asphalt with bitumen microcapsules                       

T. Alenezi, A. Garcia & J. Norambuena-Contreras


Induction hardening of thermoset modified bituminous materials

P. Apostolidis, X. Liu, C. Kasbergen, M.F.C. van de Ven & A. Scarpas


Inductive bituminous mortar with steel and aluminium fibers

N. G. Pavlatos, P. Apostolidis & A. Scarpas


09.00-10.40 : (24) Modeling and measurement of chip seals

Performance based design procedure for chip seal projects

Y.S. Kumbargeri, I. Boz, & M. E. Kutay


Three-Dimensional Profiler for Performance Evaluation of Chip Seals

Satyavati Komaragiri, Angelo Filonzi, Ramez Hajj, Amit Bhasin & Arash Motamed


Effect of percent embedment on chip seal performance using FE modeling                 

Y.S. Kumbargeri, M. E. Kutay & I. Boz,


Developing a chipseal construction method for the laboratory

S.P. Huszak, T.F.P. Henning & P. Herrington


Three dimension surface for devices that generate a dense point cloudA Three-dimension Road Macrotexture Reference Surface   

David Woodward              




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