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Linbing Wang 
University of Georgia , US


Civil infrastructure materials including asphalt concrete, cement concrete and human augmented soils have played an important role in building civil infrastructures. These materials are highly heterogeneous; the deformation and failure mechanisms of such materials are attributed to the microstructure of different scales from atomistic to micro and are heavily coupled. Consequently, the designing of such materials is traditionally empirical. The material genome initiative (MGI) targeted at designing materials using integrated experimenting, modeling, and digital data analytics faster and more accurately. Yet the MGI approach is still emerging for civil infrastructure materials.  Multiscale characterization, modeling, and digital data analytics provide insights for understanding the behavior of civil infrastructure materials and guiding material design. This presentation will present a concise overview on MGI based asphalt mix design, and advances in microstructure characterization, micromechanics modeling, and data-driven analytics to improve aggregate gradation selection and asphalt content determination for balanced properties. 

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